Isn’t it time we had a dedicated Police Force for the online world?

The Police Force as it has historically been structured and organised cannot deal with the law enforcement challenges presented by the online world.
We have both territorial and special police forces such as:
  • British Transport Police
  • Central Motorway Policing Group
  • Civil Nuclear Constabulary (formerly UKAEA Constabulary)
  • Ministry of Defence Police
  • The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)
  • Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency

So what about the online territory?

The Internet is a huge part of daily life now and is largely unpoliced. These days people spend large chunks of their time inhabiting the ‘online world.’ In terms of time spent, it’s nearly as much time as they spend in the ‘physical world’.

Isn’t it time we set up of a special national police unit focused on the ‘online territory’?

This force could be supported in its work with:
  • a community of vetted, trained volunteer adults who could carry out some of the labour-intensive ‘grunt work’. For example, investigative research, observation, and monitoring in relation to issues such as cyberbullying, harmful websites and online predators.
Do you agree?