Protecting children from technology dangers

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Our Book - Internet and Technology Dangers

Are you one of those parents for whom the Internet, video games and mobile phones are foreign territory? 

iatdIf so, this is the wake up call you need. Children and teenagers know their way around these worlds only too well, though. As a parent, you would be shocked to know what really goes on. You are the first line of defence for your children.

Although Internet safety is now taught at most schools, too many youngsters ignore the warnings and still take risks. They need the help of parents to stay safe. You are the first line of defence.

Technology dangers such as online predators, cyberbullying and video game addiction are very real and are on the increase. The threats are not being taken seriously enough.

This is your wake up call. The purpose of 'Internet and Technology Dangers' is to educate you but is actually also to alarm you. You don’t need to panic. But you do need to act. After all, the emotional and physical well-being of your family is at stake here.

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